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Holiday hussle and bussle

Wow where has the year gone?!  I can't believe that it is already a week before Christmas!  This month has flown by with Christmas parties, Cookie baking, Tree decorating and Christmas shopping.  I think that we are finally ready, now all we need to do it start the wrapping... Maybe that's what Wayne can do tomorrow while he is home with Cole... yea right!  Cole has actually been doing very well with the tree and all its ornaments.  He has only take 1 ball off (repeatedly) but pretty much leaves the tree alone otherwise.
Peanut Butter Balls at our cookie baking day One of the best parts of the Holidays is getting together with friends and family in this cookie day tradition.  Linzer cookies that Linda made

Cole also has a new passion in life.... Riding in the laundry cart around the house.  He will go over and climb on it and after I have tired myself from running around the house he will cry for more.  It is actually really funny to watch him.  His face lights up and he giggles…

Video from Santa

I saw this on another blog that I follow and thought it was so neat!  I am definitely going to do this when Cole understands.

The PNP videos are free, and really easy to put together. Just have a picture of your child ready, and two optional photos of special events (parties, trips, special days) available to help customize the video. This year they’ve upgraded the video with a really cute elf scene.
If your child still believes, I definitely recommend making one of these fun, super customized videos. It’s absolutely worth seeing the shock and delight on your child’s face when Santa speaks his name and knows a lot of personal things about him!

Happy Holidays!!

Sneek Peek

Here's a sneek peek of our little munchkin... Love him soooo!!!

Whirlwind of a week

Over the weekend we celebrated Cole's 1st Birthday!  It is hard to believe that it has been a year.  Cole wanted to be able to brag that he had finally gotten his first tooth before his birthday so...on October 19th he got his first tooth, then on November 5th he got his second, and as of yesterday his top two are trying to break through!!  I can't believe that he has gotten 4 teeth in 4 weeks!!!  Nothing like going for the gusto! LOL Here are a few photos of him enjoying his cupcake!  He cried at first when we sang (mostly due to the fact that he was tired and ready for bed) but once he dug his hands into that icing he was in hog heaven!  He LOVED being allow to just go at it!
Balloon that Daddy got him
The cake that mom and I made from scratch.  I found a wonderful icing receipe and it was so yummy!!
Birthday photo with mom and dad
 I made a rainbow cupcake for him. The cake was red & yellow and the icing was blue & green.

Nom nom nom
Getting a bath in the kitchen sink to g…

Well it's official.....

Our little guy is growing up!  On Wednesday Oct. 19 he sprouted his first tooth!!  We have had a running joke in our house since he was about 5 months old that any time he is upset or cranky (which isn't to often) we say he must be teething... Well he never got cranky for this tooth.  I just happened to feel in his mouth and it was there.  I was sooo excited!!  I just can't believe that it has taken him until he is almost 1 to get a tooth.  But between that and trying to walk around I guess his "babyness" is going away. :*(

Attending his first party.  He LOVED this toy!! (Shhhh don't tell but we got him a smaller version for his birthday in a week!)

Wanting to help daddy in the kitchen!  Isn't this just the cutest!!
He looks so grown up here to me!
These last few weeks have been hard.  I can't help but think back to what I was doing and where I was a year ago.  I am looking forward to our little guy turning 1, but at the same time it is really hard, guess it&…

Almost there!

Seems like we have had a lot of things going on this past month.  Cole is growing bigger and bigger and becoming more mobile.  He is actually crawling like a real baby now instead of his inch worm that he started out with.  He still needs to work on his balance, but I think once he figures it out he will be off and walking!  He loves to walk around the coffee table, couch, his room, etc... He is big into saying "utt ohhh" too.  He is loving feeding the dogs all his food so they have now been banned from the kitchen until he has finished, for clean up duty.  (I don't think they mind much)  It is still hard to believe that he will be 1 in just a little over 3 weeks!  He is growning into such a sweet, cute little boy!  Love this baby!! (Tech. how old do they have to be before you can't call them baby anymore??)

Lots of firsts

The month of September has been full of firsts for Cole.  He is on the move doing his "catapillar crawl" and can sometimes get to his destination before the dogs! LOL  I think that one of these days soon I am going to look over and he is going to be pulling himself up and out of his pack 'n' play!!  He is a monkey like his mamma!!  He LOVES to crawl and hang on things like I did when I was a baby.  My mom said she once found me on top of the frig!  I could get out of my pack'n'play before I even knew how to walk, I think that Cole is on his way.  He has also learned how to feed himself.  Now if he could just get some teeth!!  I guess that is when they really because little people and not your little baby anymore! :(  Here are some of his milestones for the month. 
Pulling himself up to a stand in his pack 'n' play  (he is so happy!)

Learning to walk, which he has been doing with Wayne for a while now, he just needs to learn to balance at the same time.…

Almost 10 months!

I know I keep saying this but where oh where does the time go?!  I am just blown away at how fast time goes by!  Cole is almost 10 months already!!!  Ahhhh  Slow down time!! He is starting to try to get up to a stand in his crib, etc.. He LOVES to hold on to our hands and walk around.  He also uses us as a human jungle gym. LOL  We just love him more and more everyday!!!

9 month check up

Really?!  Is it really possible that this little guy is 9 months?!  Say it can't be so!!!!  You know everyone always tells you that it goes by sooo fast and they are absolutely right!  I mean in my heart it feels like I just left the hospital to take Mckenzie and Cole home... where did all the time go???  Life moves by way to fast... Wayne and I were just commenting on the fact that our 20 year reunion is going to be here soon.  We've been out of high school that long already!?!  Eeekkk  that means I'm ooooold!!  Ok now that I have gotten a little bit of that out of my system I will continue on with our little guy.  We went in to see Dr. Engel Monday (we absolutely love her!!!)  She makes us feel like we are her only patients and she just loves Cole!  She always has so much patience with me while I ask my 500 questions.  During this trip Cole checked out in perfect health!  Well he does every time, but it makes me feel so good to know that he has never been sick (up until…

With a little help

Although he falls down if unassisted Cole loves to stand!  He will grab your hands from a laying down position and instead of just sitting up he will go all the way into a stand.  He loves to jump too!  I had a video that I tried to post but it didn't work for some reason :(

Where has the time gone?!!

Where has the time gone?  I can't believe that our little Cole is 9 months old today!! This past weekend we went to The Westin Resort at Kierland and stayed for a few days.  It was so nice to "pretend" we were from out of town and wonder around Kierland and the Scottsdale Quarter.  (even though I work less than a mile down the road, lol).  We went as a big family, 7 of us total, and had a really nice time!  We went out to dinner, played games and hung out by the pool.  So nice!! It's hard to believe I have lived here all my life yet I have never gone to stay at one of the area hotels.  I think we may try to do it more often. :)   Wondering around the hotel. I love how I caught Cole sticking his tongue out.   Sitting with Aunt Kara at breakfast
  Chillin at the pool in my designer shades
 It was fun waking up to a little baby sitting in our big bed.  I love his little yawn, blurry and all. 
  Cole taking a picture of himself with my phone 
  Sharing a m…
I can't believe that my little guy is almost 9 months old! It's amazing to me to think that he has been alive for as long as I was pregnant with him.  I just love him more and more evey day!
He is doing awesome on his foods.  So far he has tried and seems to eat anything I give him.  I have been waiting for him to refuse to eat something but so far I have been lucky.  He'll make a little face when he trys something new but then seems to say ok I'll eat it. :)  So far his list of foods include: oatmeal, squash, sweet potatoes (which he LOVES), apple sauce, chicken, turkey, bananas, avocado, hummus and peas.  I really thought he would protest the peas (because lets face it how many people like peas?!) but he loved it!!  I have been making most of his food from scratch which is much easier than I thought it would be and soooo much cheaper!! 
I will leave you all with a new photo I took on Sat.  He is starting to sit up (still working on those core muscles because he still f…

old time photos

I've been having fun with a little program on my phone that makes photos look different and thought I would share some of my favorites. :0)

I had to start with this one because this is what our crazy little one below is going to look like when he grows up. Its actually is one of my favorite goofy faces he makes. Look out ladies!! Hahahaha

 Look they both have red hats!
Look at the smile in his eyes.
My mom playing with Cole.  I like how this looks old fashioned like the photos that my parents had of me when I was little. 
Someone was having a happy dream.

I love this one!

Lots a happening

Cole has gone through a couple of first's this past week.  About 2 weeks ago my good friend Ann (with Wayne's consent) got me a new puppy!!  She has known that I wanted another Golden after Neon passed away a few months back.  So when she was presented with the opportunity to get an English Cream Golden Retriever (they are kinda rare) she grabbed it!  She was going to try to keep it a secret until we returned from our vacation, but that only lasted about 3 days and she couldn't wait.  We decided to name our new doggie Tucker.  Ann worked hard with Tucker while we were gone and was able to get a few basics down with him so that I wouldn't have to worry about trying to train him and take care of Cole at the same time.  So without further adue here are a few shots of Tucker.
A little blurry but they are hitting it off already
Already has that retriever instinct
Catching bugs or something...

Cole also experienced his first trip to the Ocean! We went out to California with Wayn…