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New Year

Now that the business of the holidays are behind us and we are home from our trip and the Christmas tree and lights are finally down I have a few minutes to update my blog.  Feeewwww! Cole really seemed to enjoy the holidays and did much better than Wayne or I expected on our 8 1/2 hour car ride to Colorado!  Following are some pictures of his fun.
Toy that GB and Vicky got him for Christmas.  He really likes to play with it.

Unwrapping a car with daddy for Christmas.  He is definitely all boy!  He loves his cars!!!
Setting up the play tent that Nonna and Papa got him.
Shopping in town.  He was cracking up in this store for some reason.
Out for a hike on my birthday.
Dinner in town at Cosmos for my birthday.
Bath in the kitchen sink 2010
This year in the kitchen sink 2011.  Wow what a difference a year makes!
Stay tuned for pictures from our day trip to Wolf Creek. :)