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Little bits of our March

Hard to believe we are already at April 1!!  Our March started out with Cole losing not 1 but 2 teeth!!!  How did our little guy grow up so fast?! He was pretty scared when he noticed his teeth were loose, but once we explained it happens to everyone he calmed down.  He received 4 quarters for both his teeth.  

Spending some time with my snuggle bug while Coconut is in school! I am trying to saver every moment with these guys because I know it is going by so fast.  
Making decisions!  He has started to get this look along with his famous "Hmmmm let me think" before answering each question.  It is really funny because we can't figure out where he came up with it.

We also spent the month going to lunch and bowling with friends while on Spring Break. It is amazing to me that Cole has become such close friends with Ellison and Eme (twins).  It's like to just knows... He was asking me lots of questions about twins the other day and we realized he has several as friends a…