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4 month check up

 We went and had Cole's 4 month check up on Monday... Wow 4 months already?!! The above photo makes him look like such a big boy!  You would never know that he was recovering from a total melt down in this photo... from the 2 shots you say.... oh no his melt down came about because the doctor laid him on his tummy to see if he could lift his head correctly!  Who would have thought that 3 seconds of tummy time would have resulted in 10 minutes of absolute anger and screaming.  I think all the other children in the office had to have been thinking " I don't want whatever he just had!" 
Anyway our little guy is growing wonderfully and the doctor said the only signs she really sees that indicate he was a preemie is that he still has a little trouble holding his head up and sitting all the time.  Otherwise I think he has caught up to other babies! :)
Weight: 12lbs 4oz Height: 24 1/2" long!! 
Oh and on another note just my observation and thoughts... I think he is going t…