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Mother's Day

Chick-fil-a was having a mother / son date "knight" the other night so I made reservations and took Cole.  He was very excited!!  I'm not sure if he was more excited because it was just going to be him and I or because chick-fil-a is his favorite place to go. lol We got there and he walked up to the table and said my name is Cole Melton and I am here with my mommy.  They sat us and he proceeded to hand me the flowers that were on the table for decoration and kept telling me they were for me.  He also kept telling me how beautiful he thought I was, it was so sweet!  When the guy came to ask what we would like he was very quick to say Chicken and Fries!!  There was a guy playing a guitar so he said Let's dance mommy (which is unusual because I always try to get him to dance at home and he refuses).  At the end of the dinner he brought me over a rose and pulled out money from his pocket and paid the guy!  It was so cute to watch and listen to him!!  He is going to be a…