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I've been awarded

I've been tagged by the lovely Heather A. with the Honest Scrap Award and am supposed to share 10 random, honest things about myself. So here goes....

When I was little I used to eat all the filling out of the Oreos in my grandpa's secret cabinet then put the cookie back together, back in the bag and back in the cabinet for him to eat!

This is really gross but I guess I am supposed to be honest so I will share that I used to turn my eyelids inside out cuz I thought it was funny.... I know you will never LOOK at me the same again! lol

I actually really like Lima beans.

I have that same one as Heather in that I love to read... I can sit in the same chair all day and read a good book!

I love trucks!! My dream vehicle is a lifted Quad-cab Ford F-250 in black, guess I better get on that one before I have kids. :)

I actually like it when people do my makeup, you know like when you go to a department store and they do your makeup for you in order to get you to buy something. It just f…

Round table

Ok, so those of you who have been to our house know that we have a pretty small kitchen table, that being said..... How many Melton family members can you fit around it?!!! LOL (mind you some stepped out of the picture when I took it!) If you look closely there are 10 around the table!!

What were they all doing you ask.... Playing Bananagrams our new favorite game!! Wayne and I play for hours sometimes!!