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I'm late posting our Thanksgiving as we have had a lot going on the past few weeks. The Tuesday after Thanksgiving Wayne's father was admitted to the hospital having a heart attack.  That night after testing they discovered he had stage 4 lung and pancreas cancer.  The next few days were spent by Wayne and his siblings in the hospital with their dad before moving him to hospice Sunday.  Wayne received a call early Monday morning from his sister Lisa, who along with his mother had spent the night at the hospice facility, that his father had passed away.  We are so thankful to God that he went very quickly and pain free!! 

Family photo at dinner #1
The boys posing for me
We celebrated Cole's birthday with Wayne's family
We also celebrated Wayne's 40th Birthday
Goofy people!  lol
So glad I brought my camera for the last family photo we would have with his father!!

Caribbean Cruise

About 2 weeks ago we left on our first trip away from the boys.  For our 40th Birthdays we booked a cruise with 6 other couples that we have know for years and found out that friends of Wayne's from his 20's were on the same cruise!  All in all there ended up being 36 of us!!!  I was pretty nervous at first due to the fact that I get very motion sick!  I lucked out and only got sick twice.  :)  We had a wonderful time!!!  My dad took great care of the boys during the day and my mom & John took them at night.  I think the boys had just as much fun as we did!!  Crazy without kids!
Our home for the next 7 days
First few on board
St. Croix
Guys relaxing on the beach in St. Croix
St. Kitts
Rosa Dominica
Hot Spring at Dominica
Several in our group

Kayaking in Grenada  Grenada
Beautiful beach in St. John
Great Friends and Great time!! 

Big boy

Happy Birthday Coleman!!!  We are going to be out of town on the 8th so decided to celebrate Cole's a week early.  Hard to believe he is already 4!!!  We love you Coco!!


We have tried a few times over the passed year or so to show Cole what daddy looks like with all of his fire fighting gear on. He has done great up until the mask goes on then he backs away and becomes unsure.  Last night we went to have dinner at the station and Wayne decided to try again.  Cole did great!  Cody did to for that matter (probably because he saw that Cole was ok with it) UNTIL the mask went on.  He kept looking at Wayne but when I took him a little closer and he could hear the tank etc... he got nervous and started fussing a little.  Wayne quickly took off the mask and Cody got excited again and stretched out his arms for Wayne to hold him!  We explained to Cole that if he is ever at home and he sees someone in a suit like this it is ok to go with them.  Not sure if he fully understands that concept yet but he's working on it.  :0)  Here are a few photos of Wayne showing the boys what a fireman looks like.  (sorry some are blurry as they were moving and talking a l…

Weekly Happenings

Last Saturday Wayne and Cole spend a little one on one time at our local Lowe's building a fire truck together.  Cole was so excited to get home and show me what they had built.  Shortly after though he started getting a fever and ended up staying in bed most of Saturday and Sunday.  Poor guy felt awful.  Have to make sure you use the proper safety equipment. :)

 Just like daddy's! Monday morning bright and early we had Cody's 15 month check up.  Little did we know we were going to be there so long as the weekend storm caused problems with the doctors computers.  It was ok as the boys enjoyed watching cartoons and playing with the toys in the waiting room.  Cody is doing great!  Dr. Engel said he is right on track and actually tall!  He weighted in at 23.6 lbs and 32-1/4" long.  I talked to the doctor about Cole's mysterious fever over the weekend and after checking him out she could find nothing wrong with him.  Guess God just wanted him to slow down for the w…

Colorado fun

The first week of September we took a trip to Durango to rest, recharge and relax.... The week flew by so fast!  Couple of firsts for the boys.  First we found out that Cody loves to climb!!!  Cole got a new bunk bed and we found Cody proudly sitting on the top bunk one morning!!!!!  Scared us to death!  He also thought it was fun to climb up on the chair to then get up on the end table and stand there or try to squeeze through the stair rails.  Cole went on his first hike where he walked the whole way (2.5 miles)!  He also got to ride in a Polaris 4 seater for the first time.  He seemed to really like that! Cody tried his first popsicle, he was not a big fan of the way it was so cold. All in all it was a great trip!!!  We loved the beautiful weather, our neighbors hanging out with us, bike rides around the lake, etc...  

Playing on the deck together

Sitting with Daddy each morning in the hammock.
Start of our hike!
Superman (our cute little hero!)

Beautiful Aspens
My hiking boys!