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 Seems like only yesterday we had our first baby boy Cole!  People always say that growing up goes by so quickly and it certainly does!!  It is hard for me to believe that our little Coco has started Kindergarten!  He has already had a lot of big changes this year ( finishing preschool, 3 missing teeth, etc..) and he will have so many more to look forward to.   Because we are around our little ones day in and day out sometimes we don't always see the changes because they are so gradual... These are a few from the past year or so leading up to his big day.  Our little baby boy is growing up!!  :*(     I still think of him being this small!! (few days after being born)   Backpacking in CO.  First big boy hair cut with Nana about 1-1/2 years ago.  Cody was so excited for Cole's big day and so supportive!!  He kept saying Coco you're a big boy now you're in KINDERGARTEN!!  They really do love each other He looks so grown