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Busy busy

Wow, I feel like the weeks just fly by!  We have been so busy over the last several weeks that it has flown by in a blur... We have been working on our backyard to get artificial grass.  Wow what a task... we have dug the whole yard down by a 1/2" and transplanted all the dirt into our large planters and we have dug a huge riverbed into the dog run so that when it rains our patio won't be flooded any more.  It is a lot of work but by doing it all ourselves we are saving a ton of money on the grass!!  I can't wait until it is done and we can let Cole play in the backyard!!  This past weekend we had my cousin from NJ here which we have not seen since our wedding!  It was so nice to catch up and Cole loved playing with her girls.  Saturday I hosted a baby shower for my friend Shauna (her twins were still to little to come) but we had a great time anyway.  We then headed off to Wayne's family for Easter since he was scheduled to work on Sunday.  Then he got Sunday off at …