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Hi-ho Hi-ho it's off to work I go

You know in the Construction industry it is rare for a guy, almost any guy, to ask a girl to do something for them.... Well Tony is one of the exceptions! Knowing that there was no way that I had the muscles to take care of the 1/2 ton steel rack that we were taking down, he decided that I was the perfect person to drive the forklift! It helps that this is part of my normal job anyway as I am the one that takes all the pallets of wood of the freight trucks, and since Tony doesn't drive a forklift very often he was more than happy to hand it all over to me. Here are a few photos that my mom took of us while we were working.... hey wait a minute why wasn't mom working with us?! I smell trickery!! Although it was hard back breaking work that lasted for 8 hours we had a good time doing it. Tony and his brother Vince are a crack up and make the time fly by. These guys are like our family, I have grow up with them having met when I was only 14!
Anyway I am sure that I am bori…