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Already Christmas time

Wow this year has flown by! I can't believe it is already Christmas time!!
This year Wayne and I decided to put up an artificial tree (mostly because I really wanted to put one up the day after Thanksgiving and a real one would die) We decided to wait a little bit before decorating because we wanted to see how much damage Hemi our kitten would do to the tree since this is his first Christmas.... Well he left the tree alone until the ornaments went on! To date he has knocked off and broken / hidden about 15 ornaments! I thought I would out smart him and decided to lock him up in the spare room at night so he couldn't attack the tree while we slept... well that didn't go so well, he decided to get back at me and literally came running out of the room right into the tree!!! So... I went out and bought plastic ornaments to put around the bottom half of the tree and it has helped a little. I think that he is still obsessed with breaking the glass ones though (Wayne woke up…