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My furry kids

I thought I would take the "kids" outside for a shot with my new fall flowers on the patio, however it was a little harder than I thought. Neon has always been good about posing for me in pictures, however now that he can no longer see it is very hard for me to get good shots of him. I now realize that he always looked to me to show him what to do instead of listening... oh well he is still my favorite! I was actually able to get a few really good ones of Chole! She rarely, if ever, will sit still or even look my direction when I am trying to take pictures of her, so I am happy with this one of her. Now Hemi... oh Hemi was a handful... but then again what cat ever wants to have a picture taken when there are birds and lizards to go after! I finally got one shot as he was coming towards me to jump off the table... I got some good video of him and Chloe too, I'll try to upload later if anyone is interested. Chloe is my "hall monitor" when it comes to the cats, sh…

Fall is in the air.....

Happy October everyone!
Fall is here, Yippeee! I love this time of year when the weather starts getting chilly, you can sit with the windows open and snuggle in your favorite sweats and a fuzzy blanket, you can pretend that we have fall colors (because we all know that Arizona doesn't have much but brown) and there are things like Fall Festivals and pumpkins!
October through December would have to definitely be my favorite time of year!! So break out the oranges, reds and yellows and get ready to wear your long sleeve outfits! (ok if only in the evening at this point, lol)