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Memorial Vacation

For Memorial Day we decided to take a week long vacation in Colorado.  The weather was absolutely wonderful!!  Since it was so hot in AZ we were so happy to escape to the 60's!!  I love going up there and just sitting in the beautiful pines listening to the wind blow through the tree tops.  Now if I could only figure out a job that would allow us to be able to stay up there for the summers!  Deep in conversation...  Wrestling with Daddy  Out on a hike behind the house  One of the few photos I am in.  LOL  The dogs LOVED running free (Rooger is missing because we didn't have enough room in the car to bring him)

 Sitting up above Vallectio  Cheeeeese  Daddy showing the boys how to skip rocks in the lake  Finding the perfect rock  He was letting me use him to test the lighting on the camera.   Daddy with his boys  Superman!!  And this is how you use a stick to hit rocks...  Heading to the Aspen grove behind the house  Brotherly love