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Well it's official.....

Our little guy is growing up!  On Wednesday Oct. 19 he sprouted his first tooth!!  We have had a running joke in our house since he was about 5 months old that any time he is upset or cranky (which isn't to often) we say he must be teething... Well he never got cranky for this tooth.  I just happened to feel in his mouth and it was there.  I was sooo excited!!  I just can't believe that it has taken him until he is almost 1 to get a tooth.  But between that and trying to walk around I guess his "babyness" is going away. :*(

Attending his first party.  He LOVED this toy!! (Shhhh don't tell but we got him a smaller version for his birthday in a week!)

Wanting to help daddy in the kitchen!  Isn't this just the cutest!!
He looks so grown up here to me!
These last few weeks have been hard.  I can't help but think back to what I was doing and where I was a year ago.  I am looking forward to our little guy turning 1, but at the same time it is really hard, guess it&…