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Hot Summer Days

With the days being so hot this summer, many records broken, we have been in the pool almost every night!  It has been so fun to see the confidence grow in Cole... He started out nervous about the water when we started going in the pool in June (see he is not as big a fan of water just like his mom) but now he swims like a fish, jumps off the ledge and asks to go in the pool all the time!  He still has floaties because he thinks he can't swim without them, but Wayne and I know different... See we have been deflating them little by little (although Cole does notice this, you can't pull anything over on this child) he has tried several times to swim without them at our insistence and he does great!! Cody on the other hand has absolutely no fear and never has!!  This child was born for water just like his dad.  From day one he was jumping into the pool!  It's a good thing we still have a few months left to use the pool! :)