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Nap time

Many of you are mommies out there so I thought I would tap into your knowledge a little since I am a first timer....
What do you do when you have a baby that doesn't seem to want to take naps during the day?  Or if he does go down it is for a little 20 minute cat nap before he starts crying / screaming.  I seem to have a little bit better time but my poor husband is having a heck of a time.  We try leaving him in his crib but he will cry/scream for an hour and not give up.  The old saying they will cry themselves to sleep does not seem to work with our little guy.  We've talked and my husband is doing everything exactly like I do to put little Cole down but for some reason he just won't stay down long for him.  Does anyone have any advice???

Rainy Days

Don't you just love rainy days?! Saturday was a very windy and rainy day in AZ, but since Wayne was working that day we decided to have our rainy day yesterday. When he got home from work he changed into his PJ's and we made french toast and snuggled with Cole on the couch. We pretty much had a lazy day watching a TV, etc... We got up and went to the mall around 2 to walk around with Cole then came back home to our house filled with the aroma of homemade chili!! It smelled sooooo good! We jumped back in our PJ's and watched a movie while enjoying our chili. It was such a great day!! (to top it off Cole slept 10 hrs last night!!! WooHoo) So what do you do on rainy days??