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We have tried a few times over the passed year or so to show Cole what daddy looks like with all of his fire fighting gear on. He has done great up until the mask goes on then he backs away and becomes unsure.  Last night we went to have dinner at the station and Wayne decided to try again.  Cole did great!  Cody did to for that matter (probably because he saw that Cole was ok with it) UNTIL the mask went on.  He kept looking at Wayne but when I took him a little closer and he could hear the tank etc... he got nervous and started fussing a little.  Wayne quickly took off the mask and Cody got excited again and stretched out his arms for Wayne to hold him!  We explained to Cole that if he is ever at home and he sees someone in a suit like this it is ok to go with them.  Not sure if he fully understands that concept yet but he's working on it.  :0)  Here are a few photos of Wayne showing the boys what a fireman looks like.  (sorry some are blurry as they were moving and talking a l…