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If you know me at all you know that I have a great love for animals! Many of you may be aware that I raised my dog Neon to be a service dog ( Guide Dogs for the Blind) however he did not end up staying in the program due to medical reasons. As much as he was happy to do the things asked of him, he was much more happy to stay with me... We have a wonderful bond and he is "my baby". Upon seeing this video it made me think a lot about Neon... as much as he knew all the commands etc... I just always felt like we were pushing him into something that he didn't fully love. Watch the video that is attached to this link and it may give you a little inside into Neon & my world... Be aware that you may need a kleenex as it is a tear jerker in a happy way (but then again maybe it just is for me because it makes me think of my baby) If you have ever held an interest in training a service animal I would like to say "Go for it"!!! It is very rewarding to see how the…