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Baby Food

With the help of my mom we have been making baby food.  She has this super high powered blender that turns just about anything into liquid and I mean anything!  I think the commercial even showed concrete turning to powder... Anyway we decided to make some applesauce like she did when she was a kid.  We started out with some Fuji apples (which turned out pretty sweet as opposed to the red delicious that had no flavor to them really) and cooked them in a pot.  Since we made our first batch up in CO and didn't have the blender we used this old fashion grinding thing that really works your arm muscles!  (Once we were home we used the blender) The applesauce turned out so good!!  Cole really enjoys it! I have since made 3 batches and frozen them in ice cube trays for later use.  Along with the applesauce we have made peaches (which was a riot to watch Cole taste) and sweet potatoes.  So far Cole has liked most of what we have given him. 
Applesauce: Yum Sweet Potato: Yum Peaches: not so…