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Return of the Mohawk among other things

So the Mohawk has finally returned!!  I am soooo glad that my little Coleman has thick hair on the top of his head again!  I am having a lot of fun styling it into different looks, but I like the mohawk best!
 I know this photo is a little funny looking, I think I surprised him. 
Hey look mom I found my foot!!!  How cute am I!!!

What is this you say?!  It is little Coleslaw's new life jacket for the boat!  Safety at all times!  Now to just find a bathing suit that fits.... I have a feeling we are going to have to go a little big and grow into it.  However I don't think that will be a problem with the rate he is going at growing!  Can you believe he is going to be 5 months tomorrow!!  Eeekk where did the time go???