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Big boy

Oh my gosh where has the time gone??? I can't belive that our little Scoochers is going to be 3 months old on Monday! He is getting so big! He is smiling a lot and we are just waiting for the giggles to start... he is trying (making little cooing sounds, etc...) He really is such a good little baby. Unfortunately he is still a little off on his sleep (he stays awake all the time!) He loves to go to his NaNah & Papa John's and hang out and to see Great Grandpa and GiGi on our weekly Wednesday night visits. Cole and I went and spent the day with Grandpa B having lunch and walking around Tempe Market Place last week too, what great weather we had!! Before long he is going to be walking I just know it, LOL!

Laying under his jungle gym that aunt tracey gave us. He loves to look at the lights and animals.

Watching TV in our room.