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New look to the yard

So this weekend my dad came over and he & Wayne decided to give our front and back yard a little makeover. They started out by cutting a lot of branches off the trees by the pool (which I was not very fond of, I like lots of green). They then moved over to the side of the house where we have our "dog run" and pulled out the planters that went the whole length of it. After they made a trip to the dump with all the wood and rebar they decided to stop at a gravel shop and pick up a TON of gravel to spread out in the front yard. We were trying to decide what to do with all the dirt from the now demolished planter and Wayne came up with a good idea.... Let's make hills in the front yard. So for the rest of the afternoon they took turns filling up the wheel barrow and hauling dirt out to the front and contouring the yard. Then they unloaded all the gravel from the truck and made the yard look all pretty!!! The end result is very nice! Now we still have a little mor…