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Chateau on Central Design Competition

Many people ask me what I do.... Well our business is floorcovering.  Although we have interior design degrees (and used to have a design business) we changed our company 15 years ago to do floorcovering for designers.  My mom and I have been working on a project with a design firm for about 1 1/2 years now and finally had the reveal party on Friday.  This project was so "secret" that we had to sign paperwork stating we would not talk to anyone about it.  It was a design competition of three units 5 stories each, between 3 design firms in the valley, that would be judged by 3 top NY designers/property personal.  Even though there were some frustrations along the way we are so excited to announce that the firm we were working with WON!!  We are so proud of Robert Burg Design for the beautiful home they created and allowed us to help with!! 
Basement floor.  Luxurious wool carpeting

We did custom wood flooring throughout the 5 floors with custom staircase runners.
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