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Updated photos

Ok by now it should be apparent that I am not to good with posting these photos, but at least I think you can get the general idea. First set is the little body profiles, second is a closer head shot and third is baby A (Shake) waving :)

Longing for....

You know when I hear that our weather is going to be 108 (although I have to admit that is better than 114 like it has been) I long for the summer days of Montana! I'm so bummed that we are going to miss our annual MT trip this year :(
I guess I can sit and look at our pictures from last year and pretend I am there sipping coffee in the morning down by the lake, reading a book on the deck in the afternoon, wake surfing in the evening hours.... At least I can dream about next year bringing 2 little ones with to share in the fun! :)

Our little Hemi baby...

Hemi: an internal combustion engine in which the combustion chambers are of hemispherical form. (Boils down to FAST!)
Our Hemi was definitely fast... he would race around the house from room to room jumping over furniture and attacking unsuspecting toys! Hemi was one of the best kitties we have ever had. He was almost more like a dog than a cat. He bonded with us instantly! We loved this cat so much!!

Last week we had to do one of the hardest things as an owner of a "furry kid". We had to make the decision to put our little 1 year old kitty to sleep. About 6 weeks ago we noticed that Hemi had what seemed like a kitty cold when we returned from vacation, so Wayne brought him in and got him on some antibiotics. He seemed to get a little better but did not seem to full recover like he should. About 2 1/2 weeks ago or so I noticed that his belly seemed to be very bloated. Wayne decided to take him back in to the vet in case he had a blockage and the news he was given was…