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Horse show

Saturday night after church we decided to go and watch my friend Annie ride her horses in a show.  Unfortunately with all the rain etc. she did not feel it was a good idea to go through the show with her horse Daisy so she just rode her around in the extra arena.  We hung out for a while just to expose her horses to the sites and sounds.  The boys loved it!!  Although Cole is not a big fan of large animals (he prefers to watch from a distance) you can see that Cody loves them!!  He has no fear when it comes to large animals, almost to a fault as he does not understand that they spook and kick when scared.  It was good to bring him so he could learn the rules of being around horses.

All he wanted to do was ride Daisy!

They met a new friend named Koi.  Cole loved his boots, hat and lasso... So you guessed it he now wants those too!

Look mom a grasshopper!!

Cole pulling out my lasso and old hat the next morning.  Guess I know what to start looking for for his birthday.  :)