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Happy New Year

Every year we go up to Durango between Christmas and New Year.  This year we had a very nice time as the boys are getting to the age of enjoying the snow.  Cole was kinda into it last year but this year all he wanted to do was go out and play and build a snowman!  We celebrated my 40th Birthday... Say WHAT?!!  Didn't I just turn 30???  On Dec. 30th we made our first visit to the ER with Cody.  He was bringing a plate in to me in the kitchen and fell on the plate hitting it just right to split his forehead.  We thought about just bandaging it up ourselves but decided it may just keep reopening so it would be better to get stitches.  He did great!  The ER nurses and Doc where so nice!!  We rang in the New Year by going to bed early.  We did not have any tv so could not watch the ball drop like we usually do so decided with all the activity of the last few days to go to bed early.  We spent the New Years Day sledding with our friends and had a BLAST!!!  We spent our last day wander…