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I don't know how many of you are into Facebook, but I have really started to enjoy it! About 3-4 weeks ago I had a dream involving some people that I went to elementary school with (I have not talked to them since 8th grade, eeekk 21 years!) but I woke up feeling like God was really wanting me to try to find one girl in particular so thus my search on Facebook! Well, I found her, but not on facebook... through the process of looking for her I found quite a few girls that I had been friends with (we all went to school from pre-school - 8th grade, then lost touch when we went our seperate ways for high school) I was so excited!!! They in turn put me in touch with Cassie the girl I was looking for, who had been my best friend growing up!! It is so neat to talk with people and see how their lives are going and their beautiful children! :)
If you have not tried facebook, I would recommend it, it is so much fun to find people that you have known your whole life.

Superbowl 43

Wow what a game!!! This was the first time I have sat/stood/screamed through an entire football game and been excited about it! We went to a friend of Wayne's house and cheered on the Cardinals. I have screamed like I have never done before during this game! I am very proud of the Cardinals for being in the Super Bowl but am so bummed that they didn't pass more instead of running the ball before the 4th quarter!! I felt that there were some pretty bad calls made against them as well! In the end I think they did a great job!!!! Way to go Cardinals!!!!