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Christmas Traditions

We went to Colorado for our annual Christmas time fun!  We were able to stay for a week and enjoyed the snow.  The boys were out playing almost every day, building snow forts with Wayne.  While there we also celebrated my Birthday by doing whatever I wanted that day.  I chose to go to the Humane Society to talk to all the animals and go to the movies... We saw SING and it was great!!  We have watched it about 6 more times since getting home!  Such great music and the best part is that there are not really any scary things in it like most kids movies these days.  We also took a day to take the boys to Telluride.  We have been before but Cody didn't really remember.  We played in the snow with Rooger then went to have lunch at a little Chinese restaurant that had great food!!  Wayne was even able to get Cody to try soup!  Afterwards we took the boys on the Gondola over to the Mountain Village.  We had only gone to the top of the mountain before so it was a surprise to all of us tha…