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Lots of firsts

The month of September has been full of firsts for Cole.  He is on the move doing his "catapillar crawl" and can sometimes get to his destination before the dogs! LOL  I think that one of these days soon I am going to look over and he is going to be pulling himself up and out of his pack 'n' play!!  He is a monkey like his mamma!!  He LOVES to crawl and hang on things like I did when I was a baby.  My mom said she once found me on top of the frig!  I could get out of my pack'n'play before I even knew how to walk, I think that Cole is on his way.  He has also learned how to feed himself.  Now if he could just get some teeth!!  I guess that is when they really because little people and not your little baby anymore! :(  Here are some of his milestones for the month. 
Pulling himself up to a stand in his pack 'n' play  (he is so happy!)

Learning to walk, which he has been doing with Wayne for a while now, he just needs to learn to balance at the same time.…