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Pool time!!

When we moved into our house almost 8 years ago we got a spa.  Wayne loves it for his back.  I am not much of a water person so I rarely make an appearance in the spa.  LOL  At the end of last summer Cole discovered that he really liked the spa!  Well we've had the spa "closed" for the winter and Wayne decided to open it back up several weeks ago only to find out that the control panel went out. After a lot of back and forth and some frustration, finding out the company that made the spa is no longer in business, he found the parts he needed and replaced the panel.  It is now up and running in perfect order... Cole asks to go in every day!  Cody seems to have gotten my lack of enthusiasm for water so it has taken about a week of getting in and only sitting on the highest of steps before he finally decided to take the plunge.  Now all 3 of my boys can enjoy their "spa pool" as Cole puts it while I stand on the deck taking pictures and handing out towels!  haha…