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West Bound

Heading out to California 'til Monday.... WooHoo! Hopefully it will be cooler out there than here! Geez it was 101 before 9:00 this morning!!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!

Happy 4th of July!!

Hope everyone has a day filled with fun and laughter with friends and family around! We are having a few people over to lounge at the pool and have a BBQ, what's the 4th without a BBQ right?! Mom and John were lucky enough to make a trip up to Montana for the week and are having a great time. She told me last night that they bought so many fireworks that they were going to put on a show for 2 nights.... Now I am not talking little things like sparklers and those little buzzy things on the ground (can you tell I'm from AZ where we are not allowed to have fireworks and I don't know what things are) I'm talking big fireworks! John built a huge thing that sits on the deck to the lake and shoots them off!!!! Oh did I forget to mention that the weather is absolutley amazing up there right now! It's only going to be 103 here today!! LOL Well at least it isn't 114 like the other day, woohoo!! Maybe next year we'll be able to go with babies in tow.. LOL This i…