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Day trip

Each time I look at my blog I think really it's been that long since I have posted something?!  I guess that is what 2 jobs and chasing a 16 month old can do to you!  LOL  Well last week my best friend Ann and I decided to take a day trip up north and take her nieces and nephews along with Cole to see some animals.  I think that they all had a great time!!  We were not there even 5 minutes and apparently I lost my phone.  I only found this out because Wayne called Ann's phone to let me know he had just gotten a call from some guy who had it.  (Apparently he called Dad too!)  Nice guy left it at the gift shop so we could get it on our way out.  :)
Cool (I mean Cole) and the gang
 Beautiful white tiger
I thought this shot was so neat
 They really don't want you to touch the bears!

Only shot of Ann I could get
He's in there somewhere

Mr. Zebra