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Late Spring Break

We decided to take a late Spring Break this year.  We usually go up to CO the end of May but thought this year it might be fun to go earlier.  Other than Cole getting sick the night before we left and being that way the whole week we had a good, relaxing trip!  He was a trooper, even though he was not feeling good and had fevers almost every day, with a little ibuprofen he was able to perk up a little each day and have some fun.  

We stopped at what we call the elephant feet outside of Tuba City for lunch and to let the boys stretch and run off some energy.   Cole was pretty high up... the mom in me was kinda freaked out but daddy kept reminding me that he needed to be a boy and learn.  Needless to say I tried to look the other way.  
If you look close enough you will see us in the shadows.
When we arrived we found this little patch of snow left over on the side of the house.  The boys had fun playing in it!!
Wayne went for his usual 25 mile bike ride so the boys and I decided to rak…