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Labor Day Weekend

We decided since Cole did not have school on Friday or Monday we would try taking the boys camping.  We have wanted to do this for a long time but I'll be honest I've been putting it off for fear of the messiness of having 2 boys would create.  We were very thankful that my dad helped us borrow a pop-up trailer, it made a huge difference!!   I also had my doubts with the location that Wayne picked since I know first hand that the Rim is packed with people on holiday weekends!  Well I have to eat my words because he found us the perfect location!!!  We had a point of the rim all to ourselves.  It was perfect because we could sit out on the edge without it being so close that I worried about the boys but we also had a huge meadow area that they could play in with the dogs and it had enough space that we can bring several of our friends back to and we will all be able to have our own areas.  We GPS'd our location so that we can go back again ( I see many trips to this site i…