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Polar Express

On Sunday we took the boys to the Polar Express up in Williams.  We planned this event months ago but waited to tell them until Friday night.... Needless to say they were very excited and woke up Saturday morning to write out their wish lists to Santa!!  We made it an all day event and left Sunday morning.  After a stop at Starbucks for goodies and coffee we were on our way to Flagstaff.  We took the boys to a neat little park we found a few months back and let them play for a while then went to Heritage Square for lunch and more goodies!  As dusk approached we drove to Williams to board the train. It was pretty chilly for us Arizonians so we had to make sure to bundle up!! The boys were very excited when they announced ALL ABOARD!!!  We quickly found our seats and waited for our departure.  Once the lay of the land was explained we were off!  Who knew a 6 year old would start questioning things like why aren't we going super fast if we are going through a time warp tunnel?!!  


Two weeks ago our boys were the ring bearer and bible bearer in our nieces wedding!  They were so excited!  They did a great job!  After the ceremony I passed out snacks to the family while we hung out for pictures.  I am so glad that I thought ahead and brought enough for everyone because we were all famished.  (I learned from our other nieces wedding 2-1/2 years ago when I didn't have food and the kids were Hangry and tired, I was not going to have that happen again! LOL)   After all the photos we headed over to the reception ready to party it up!!!  What a great time!  The boys (Wayne included) loved the dancing! Here are a few photos we took of the wonderful day!! Congratulations Emily!!! Getting the boys ready Ohhh that face!! My studly boys!  All the male cousins (Cody might be rapping!) Emily almost ready Our niece Hailey hanging out with the boys Our other 2 nieces Madison and Cassie greeting guests Lori (sister-in-law) bein

Carefree Pumpkins

On Monday after we dropped Cole off at school Cody and I went up to Carefree to meet up with Aunt Lisa, Aunt Joan (from NY) and Grandma.  We walked all around the Sundial circle where they had vignettes set up of different pumpkin scenes.  They had a master carver there who did all these wonderful pumpkins!  Its amazing the things he was able to do.  They had a saloon, bank, boxing ring, etc.. I only took a few photos with my phone though. :(  We then went to lunch for Mexican food before returning to look around some local shops.     Cody, Aunt Joan, Aunt Lisa Having fun beating the pumpkins lol Contemplating the weight of the pumpkin Look mommy corn! The guy in the background is having way to much fun! He's silly mommy!!! Cody LOVED this one!  Look mommy he has a watermelon on his nose! Long day... Henry Hugglemonster?!! How many eggs can he balance? He got away without his stem...

Book Parade

Today Cole's school had a book parade.  Each grade had to pick a book that they have been reading in class and either act out parts of the book (older grades) or come dressed up as one of the characters (younger grades).  The kindergarten class selected "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?!"   Cole wanted to be White dog so we put Tucker's puppy collar on him and a white shirt and I sprayed his hair all white.  He was the cutest little White dog I could see!  LOL He has been excited for this day for weeks!   Tomorrow he gets to go in his PJ's and watch Zootopia!  The class was so good they won a party!!  White dog White dog and Blue horse Red bird, White dog, Blue horse, Brown bear White dog, Purple cat Red bird, Green frog, White dog and Purple cat

Labor Day Weekend

We decided since Cole did not have school on Friday or Monday we would try taking the boys camping.  We have wanted to do this for a long time but I'll be honest I've been putting it off for fear of the messiness of having 2 boys would create.  We were very thankful that my dad helped us borrow a pop-up trailer, it made a huge difference!!   I also had my doubts with the location that Wayne picked since I know first hand that the Rim is packed with people on holiday weekends!  Well I have to eat my words because he found us the perfect location!!!  We had a point of the rim all to ourselves.  It was perfect because we could sit out on the edge without it being so close that I worried about the boys but we also had a huge meadow area that they could play in with the dogs and it had enough space that we can bring several of our friends back to and we will all be able to have our own areas.  We GPS'd our location so that we can go back again ( I see many trips to this site