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Horsing around

So two weekends ago I got to go on a horseback riding / camping trip with my best friend Ann!  I was so excited to go!!! The group of women we joined have been doing this for 22 years! The last 3 years I have been unable to make it and wanted to make sure to join this year.  We came home late Thurday night from our CA trip so I could get up bright and early Friday morning to head out.  As soon as we got to Prescott it started pouring!  We didn't mind until we got closer to camp.  You see the road we were going on turned to a dirt road about 20 miles from camp... when dirt gets rained on it gets muddy... when you are pulling a horse trailer with a 2 wheel drive on very steep dirt muddy road and you have to stop behind 3 other vehicles you have a tendancy to start slidding backwards and you get umm shall we say STUCK!  Oh gosh what a beginning to our fun filled girls weekend camping trip!!  Since we were last in a canavan of 4 vehicles the other three took off not realizing we were