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Me and the little dude have been sick for a week now (finally feeling back to normal thank goodness!!) and I have to say he does very well even though he is sick.  I hope this lasts throughout his life!  This cold really knocked me down for several days but he just kept chuggin along and you wouldn't have known he was sick except for the runny nose and occassional cough.   I would say the only part he absolutely hated about being sick was us needing to wipe his nose... man this kid sure knows how to whip that head back and forth to evaid a kleenex!  LOL Ok this day you can tell he was a little groggy.  He just wanted to watch some tv. Otherwise he was laughing it up with the dogs...  And playing with his cars!  What a trooper!! (Are all kids this good being sick??!)  **Notice the bib, we got wise to the nose wipping hehehe