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Birthday help

I went with a friend to see the movie "Marley & Me" and proceeded to cry like a baby at the end of the movie! Some people may feel that it is weird to think of your dog as your kid (especially if you don't have children) but that is exactly how I feel about my animals. I have had Neon for 11 years now and he is the best animal I have ever had!! He is so extremely smart and loving and loyal. One of the things that he has done since he was a puppy (and it is one of his favorite things to do) is to help me unwrap gifts! Most people would think, yea he just wants to eat the paper, but no he truely loves to just help my unwrap it then he leaves the paper alone and moves on to the next gift. It cracks me up on Christmas morning to see him soooo excited about the gifts. Mind you he never touches them unless he is told he can start. Well this video was taken a few weeks ago on my Birthday, Neon was very excited to help me unwrap my Birthday gifts and I was very happ