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Yesterday we decided to go check out story time at the library.  Since Cole LOVES books I thought he would enjoy going.  He really seemed to have fun running around the kids area picking up books and playing with the toys, however when we went into the story time room he lost interest quickly.  He tried to do what all the other kids were doing (dancing, singing, etc...) but I think they were all a little to advanced for him and he just wanted to go back out into the library and pick out books.  I think it is going to be a great place to bring him, however (and this may sound bad of me...) all the toys were so dirty!!  I don't know if I want to bring him back.  It was really hard for me not to break out the wipes and clean everything off for fear that I would be looked at as "that mom".  Ahh decisions, decisions... Anyway here are two photos we took while there.  :)