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Colorado trip

We went for our annual Colorado trip this year.  We had a really nice time even though we were all sick for most of the trip.  It is amazing how much difference a year makes.  This year all Cole wanted to do was go outside in his snowsuit and play in the snow, last year we had the hardest time just getting his suit on!  There was not as much snow as we would have liked but it was still nice to get away to something different. We discovered a cute little train museum behind the train depot that we never knew was there!  How could I have been coming here my whole life and never know it existed??  Cole loved it even thought we only had 15 mins to run through before they closed.        Cody in his snow suit making faces. Having fun at my Birthday dinner. Getting ready to head out into the snow. Sitting up on his own for the first time while grocery shopping. Train museum   It was so cute that he told me this sign tells people to stop for the train!