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For the love of animals

I have always loved animals and have always pictured myself having LOTS of them! Growing up we had more animals than anyone I knew. We had an Avery with about 40 birds, 5 turtles, numerous dogs, a duck a cat and at one point we had 48 hamsters! My mom may have been going crazy but I loved them all!!!!
This past week we were dog sitting and had 4 dogs in the house along with our 2 cats. My first thought was oh gosh this is going to be a week of chaos but surprisingly all the animals were great and got along very well! I say this as I am sitting here listening to Hemi (our littlest cat) flying around the house throwing himself into the blinds with Chloe running after him (hope wood can't break glass! lol)
Anyway... Chula, the black Australian Shepard, and Honey the little cockapoo did great in our household! Honey has now returned home but we still have ChooChoo as Wayne likes to call her until the end of next week. All this to say... Whenever I bring up getting another animal Wayne …