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May and June happenings

Wow so much has happened since my last post... I am so bad at keeping up lately!   Cole finished his first year of school!! I can't believe he is starting Kindergarten in August!  We just loved his teachers but are also excited to see him grow with his new school!

We went to the local library with Grandpa.  Cole LOVES reading!!!
 After we left the library we were on our way down to visit Gigi and ended up having an accident in my new car.  :*(   Luckily it was not my fault, and no one was hurt, but still sad to see my new car damaged.

 We've been doing a lot of swimming!!!!

Memorial weekend... The boys wanted to show Grandpa that they were soldiers like him!

 More swimming with friends!

 The boys finally got their new bunk beds!!!  This is Cody's first time not being in a crib and he has been doing great!!  We finally got the rest of their things moved into the room this weekend.  They have been so excited!  I still have the finishing touches with pictures but over all th…