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End of year blur

Wow the end of the year flew by in such a blur.  We started out the holidays by going up to Payson to cut down Christmas trees!  We went with Wayne's siblings and nieces and nephews.  A fun time was had by all.  
Group photo
Niece Hailey with the boys and I.

We then took the rest of the weekend decorating our 2 trees!  The boys had so much fun!!!

Cody was obsessed with this small ornament!!
Family room tree
Baby tree we cut down for the front window

The following weekend we went to look at Christmas lights at a resort Wayne used to work at in college.  We discovered their lights last year and have decided this will be our new tradition!

Riding the carousel with daddy
Giant snowman
Petting zoo (Cody loves animals just like his mama!!!)

We had a craft night and made candy cane ornaments for the tree.

We had several cookie baking days!!