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Visits and Trips and Trucks oh my

This past week my Uncle Larry came for a visit from Kansas.  He wanted to experience a different Fourth of July than he normal KS one.  We were glad that he joined us!  We had a great time with him on his visit!  The boys really enjoyed being with him.   Larry asked if we could go and visit Mckenzie.
Plotting and planning....
Cole's cheese face
Cody's excitement Last month we decided to sell our truck as the miles were getting a little high and to be honest I just don't trust Ford's after a certain amount of mileage.  Both Wayne and I thought well it's in good working order lets sell it now before something expensive goes wrong on it.  So we have been looking for another truck.  We found a Toyota in TX and everything just fell into place.  Wayne flew out very early Saturday morning and bought the truck.  We are so thankful to all our family that was able to help us!!  It was a long drive 1040 miles but he finally made it home yesterday afternoon. Aside from som…