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Budda Belly

Ok so I took 2 photos of myself at work for you girls. They are by no means good photos and I can't believe I am even posting them for you, but you wanted to see how big I am so here ya go... :)

I really haven't been putting much on my post accept ultra sound photos which is nice, but also shows that I don't really have a life! LOL

I haven't had much going on lately... We finally got a new tree for the backyard! We've only been wanting this for 3 years. Now I can't wait for it to grow! Animals are good. Neon is having a harder time every day just getting up and moving around. I feel so bad for him because he is blind and deaf so has to feel his way around and often just gives up and lays back down. It is so hard to watch your first baby getting old! Seems like just yesterday I was picking him up to start his training, I'm so glad he didn't pass so he could spend his life with me!!! He is the best dog ever!!

Umm let's see what else... belly is getting big! Although people keep telling me I don't look as big as they thought I would (they could just be being nice) I feel huge! Went to the mall the other night with my friend Pierette, w…