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Valentine's weekend

We started out our Valentine's weekend on Friday night because Wayne had to work this weekend.  We decided to go to the shooting range and then see American Sniper.  It was a very good movie, sad as well.  Wayne worked Saturday so I took the boys and all the dogs to get their shots (not the boys) at a clinic and was very happy to see that it was my old vet that was doing the vaccines.  Yesterday Wayne's Capt. suggested he take a vacation day that was open and come home to spend time with us.  So after church we headed out to Prescott with the boys.  It was so nice!!! We had lunch and walked around the town square.  We then took the boys to a little tiny zoo outside of town.  To finish off the day we drove home through Jerome as Wayne had never been.  Really neat to see all the houses & businesses built into the side of the mountain.  We topped out the night watching Monsters University (the boys favorite movie right now). 
Shooting and a Movie night.  Cole's new cha…