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Tummy Time

Cole has finally graduated to his tummy!  We have been trying to put him on his tummy for weeks and every time we do he starts screaming!! (See last post about doctor's office, hahaha)  However while Wayne was watching him this week he decided to work with him on it and he will now stay on his tummy for longer periods of time before he starts fussing.  It's only a matter of time before he fully flips over too!!  We only have to help him with his arm because it gets stuck under him but he pretty much flips on his own!  Now if we could only get him sleeping more!  I have never seen a child lack sleep like him and still be so alert.  We have tried dark rooms, sounds, no sounds, etc... Sometimes we can get him to fall asleep in his car seat if he is really tired but if anyone has ideas we are open to hearing from you! :) 

We also went for a visit to Ann's house to see July!  He is such a great horse!!!