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Saturday we went over to my mom's to see some family that was in town.  Cole and Jack were very excited for an egg hunt!  We actually ended up having 3!  One outside while it was light, one inside and one outside once the sun went down and the eggs were lit up with glow sticks.  They loved finding glow in the dark eggs!  When we got home we hid 12 eggs in the neighbors yard with an empty one explaining that it was empty because it represented the empty tomb.  We also wrote cute little sayings on other neighbors driveways.  Easter morning we woke the boys up early to go to church and they had their baskets.  Cole did our egg hunt and seemed happy to find the empty egg!! It was nice to be able to help him understand the meaning of Easter and still have fun with it. :) Patiently listening to hunting instructions
I found one!
Proud of their finds
Cody sees one!!

It looks so interesting
Coloring eggs for tomorrows hunt
Dessert after dinner
The boys baskets.  We filled the eg…