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Mom's Birthday Party

So who knew that we could have so much fun at my mom's birthday party?!! I mean Wayne and I were the youngest by about 20 years, but hey those older ones still have moves! LOL
We had such a great time!!!

Here are some photos of us all taking turns with the Wii! We bowled, played baseball and golf then for the heck of it picked a shooting competition game that John won!! It was hard!!
You can see the rest of the fun photo's @

Mom bowling

Me bowling, I kinda get into it!

Mom and John playing Baseball

Traffic Accident

So I have been thinking a lot about life and how fragile it is this past weekend. On Saturday I was on my way to my brother-in-laws to drop something off and as I was at the intersection of Lone Mountain / Scottsdale Rd. I witnessed a horrible accident right in front of me! This is the first time I have ever seen an accident first hand. Let me tell you it scared the bageebee's out of me!! My first thought was, is this real?! It looked like something out of a movie, but after 2 seconds I backed up my car (because I was in the left turn lane and wanted to somewhat block the road so no one else would come up on us) I then jumped out of my car and ran up to one of the drivers. I won't go into all the details but it was very very bad!!! This guy had a very bad cut on his head and his legs were crush. I felt soooo bad inside because I wanted to help take this guys pain away (and believe me he had a lot of it) my heart was just hurting so bad for him. I tried to do what I co…