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Almost there!

Seems like we have had a lot of things going on this past month.  Cole is growing bigger and bigger and becoming more mobile.  He is actually crawling like a real baby now instead of his inch worm that he started out with.  He still needs to work on his balance, but I think once he figures it out he will be off and walking!  He loves to walk around the coffee table, couch, his room, etc... He is big into saying "utt ohhh" too.  He is loving feeding the dogs all his food so they have now been banned from the kitchen until he has finished, for clean up duty.  (I don't think they mind much)  It is still hard to believe that he will be 1 in just a little over 3 weeks!  He is growning into such a sweet, cute little boy!  Love this baby!! (Tech. how old do they have to be before you can't call them baby anymore??)